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Xtra Touches = Rental Satisfaction

Congratulations, you've got a booking! All the work to drive them to your listing and get them to book has resulted in a new client. Thankfully, pleasing your new client with some simple attention to details and extra touches can make a huge impact on their willingness to not only give you a stellar review, but ALSO return to your space again!

Provide Renters with Fun Options INSIDE Your Space.

Not every visitor you book will have an appetite for being out on the town all the time.

Providing a few great optional indoor activities for both young and older clientele can be a very inexpensive way to stand out from the competition.

  • Games (cards, boardgames, corn-hole, etc)

  • Music (piano, guitar, ukulele, streaming)

  • Crafts (pencils, crayons, paper, etc)

  • SmartTV's (let them log into their fave's)

  • Unique Cookbooks (encourage variety)

Be a Concierge for Your Guests

Hotels have, at a minimum, a binder of local resources for guests to explore. From restaurants, local attractions, historic treasures, and night life to golf courses and the nearest gym even the smallest motel will be a resource to their guests.

Investing a little time in creating similar resources for your guests is the minimum level of service they deserve. Also consider working to establish discounts for your guests with your areas, best-loved destinations. Consider offering to make reservations for your guest as part of your booking follow-up. Offer transportation to and from the airport if you know your guest is arriving in this manner. Provide a list of the best spots nearby for epic photo-ops to remember their trip...

However you approach it, the more high-touch the experience you deliver can be, the more often you'll have bookings and have the ability to let your demand increase your listing value as well!

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